How to Use a P2P Exchange on Bohemia Market?

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A clear step-by-step guide on how to use a p2p exchange on Bohemia Market.

Bohemia Market is the only darknet market offering the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchange function, in this regard, we are publishing this step-by-step guide so that you are more aware of how to use this unique function correctly.

Step 1 – go to the Exchange page "/usercp?action=exchange", then decide for what purpose you intend to use the p2p exchange service - for example, to create trades or exchange your coins by concluding a trade with another user.

Screenshot of the p2p exchange page on Bohemia Market

If you want to open trade, follow this list of actions:

Choose an exchange option that implies its own form for opening transactions, you can choose from two options presented:

Screenshot of the currency selection block on p2p exchange

• BTC to XMR or XMR to BTC

Next, fill in the only input field:

Amount – enter any amount available on your balance, according to the format of the cryptocurrency you have chosen, with which the exchange will take place.

Screenshot of the block for opening a deal on the p2p exchange

Click on the "Open Trade" button so that your exchange offer gets into the Open Trades table.

If you want to conclude a trade with another user, follow these steps:

Screenshot of the list of offers from traders on the p2p exchange page

Click on the "Open Trades" button at the very bottom of the Exchange page and pay attention to the components of any trade shown in the Open Trades section:

Pair – under this heading, it is shown from which asset to which asset will be exchanged, for example: BTC to XMR or XMR to BTC.

You pay – under this heading, the amount to be paid to the trader will be shown.

You get – under this heading, the amount that you will receive after the transaction is concluded by paying for it will be shown (the amount is indicated taking into account the commission taken in the amount of 1%).

Having found a suitable offer for you, click on the "Trade" button in the right corner from the main information about this trade.

Final Step 2 – regardless of how you used p2p exchange, you will need to wait until someone is interested in your trade offer or the one with whom you want to make a deal approves it manually.

Monitor whether someone is interested in your trade offer or whether your exchange offer has been approved by the person who should approve it.

- The Bohemia Team

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