How to Recover an Account Using Mnemonic Code on Bohemia Market?

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Instructions on how to recover an account using mnemonic code on Bohemia Market.

Bohemia Market has provided for the possibility of losing access to your account and added an account recovery system using mnemonic codes.

Step 1 – go to the account login page "/member?action=login" and click on the inscription "Forgot your password?" to proceed with password reset.

Screenshot of the login page on Bohemia Market

After redirecting to the Account Recovery page "/member?action=resetpassword", fill out the form to recovery access to the account:

Screenshot of the password reset page on Bohemia Market

Username – enter the username from the account you want to recover access to.

Recovery Mnemonic – enter a recovery phrase (a string of 12 words) in this field for the account to which access should be recovery.

Captcha – rewrite the characters that you see in the picture in this field, note that the characters can be both high case and low case, all this should be taken into account when rewriting them.

Click on the "Reset" button to proceed to the next step.

Final Step 2 – go to the page with the generated recovery key and complete the recovery of access to the account.

After redirecting to the Reset Password page "/member?action=resetpassword&key=YOURRECOVERYKEY", fill in the last input fields and complete the password reset and access recovery process:

Screenshot of the password reset page on Bohemia Market

New Password – enter a new password in this field, which must meet the requirements of our system, such as:

• Minimum 7 Alphanumeric Characters.

• Minimum 1 Uppercase Character.

• Minimum 1 Lowercase Character.

• Minimum 1 Numeric (0-9) Character.

Password Confirmation – duplicate the specified value from the "New Password" field into this field.

Click on the "Reset Password" button to complete the password reset and access recovery process.

- The Bohemia Team

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