How to Purchase a Product on Bohemia Market?

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Instructions on how to buy products on Bohemia Market regardless of the payment method.

Bohemia Market offers three payment methods that are directly related to escrow or do without it at all in the form of a transaction with multiple signatures, but each of these methods will not affect the process of buying a product, act in accordance with the actions dictated by you in several steps:

Step 1 – select the product that you will buy and go to the page of the selected product.

Screenshot of basic product information on Bohemia Market

On the product page, view its images, if they have been added, read the description and sales policy, information about its overall rating, the number of disputes related to this product, and information about which payment methods are available, and only if you are satisfied with everything, proceed to action.

Screenshot of the block for adding an item to the cart

Shipping type – choose the shipping type that suits you from the list of suggested ones.

Currency – choose the currency in which you will pay with Bitcoin or Monero.

Quantity – enter the quantity you will be buying, it should be the quantity available in stock, but if unlimited quantity is specified there, you can specify any quantity.

Click on the "Add to cart" button to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – go to the shopping cart page "/cart.php" by clicking on the shopping cart icon.

Screenshot of the buyer's shopping cart page on Bohemia Market

On the page of your shopping cart, you can change the payment method, shipping type and quantity of the product and make the changes effective by clicking on the Update button.

Screenshot of the block to proceed to order confirmation

Coupon – enter the coupon if there is one and click on the Apply button.

Click on the "Proceed to Shipping Notes" button to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – fill in the input fields that appear and complete the product purchase process.

Screenshot of the block for specifying the delivery address of the goods

If you prefer to encrypt information for merchants using a PGP key and want to do the same in this case, for convenience, we have added the "View Merchant's PGP Key" button.

Shipping Notes – enter the details of your shipment (must contain the address where the product will be delivered).

Screenshot of the block for payment of goods in the shopping cart

Click on the "Checkout with Bitcoin/Monero" button to pay for your order and complete the purchase process.

After successful payment of the order, your order will appear on the Orders page "/usercp.php?action=orders", so you can monitor the status of processing your order.

- The Bohemia Team

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