How to Change the PIN Code From an Account on Bohemia Market?

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Instructions on how to change the pin code from an account on Bohemia Market.

If you think that your PIN code is not reliable enough or for some other reason you want to change it, but do not know how to do it, this step-by-step guide will help you learn how to change your PIN code to a new one.

Step 1 – go to User CP page "/usercp.php", then go to the Change PIN section using the navigation bar on the left.

Screenshot of the pin code change page on Bohemia Market

Fill in all the fields in accordance with our recommendations and comments:

Current PIN – enter the current PIN code from your account in this field.

Current Password – enter here the current password to log in to your Bohemia account.

New PIN – enter a new PIN code in this field, which should meet the requirement of our system:

• The PIN code must consist of 4 to 10 digits - no more, no less.

Confirm PIN – duplicate the specified value from the "New PIN" field into this field.

Step 2 – to confirm your identity, the system will require you to enter some words that it will select from your secret phrase.

Secret Phrase – to confirm the identity, the system uses three input fields, each input field is titled with one number from 1 to 12, these are the ordinal numbers of words from your secret phrase, which, as you know, consists of 12 words, enter in each numbered field the word that corresponds to the number in the title of this input field.

Final Step 3 – solve the captcha to complete the process of changing the PIN code from your account on Bohemia Market.

Screenshot of a captcha from Bohemia Market

Captcha – rewrite the characters that you see in the picture in this field, note that the characters can be both high case and low case, all this should be taken into account when rewriting them.

Click on the "Change PIN" button to change the PIN code from your account.

Now you can use the new PIN code to confirm important actions on Bohemia Market.

- The Bohemia Team

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