How to Apply for Merchant Status on Bohemia Market?

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Instructions on how to apply for merchant status on Bohemia Market.

Already an established vendor? Bohemia Market is a place that allows you to get seller status based on a reliable trading history on other darknet market platforms and taking into account your popularity and rating among customers who have left reviews about you and your products.

Make sure that you have correctly connected your PGP key to your account and it corresponds to the records that can be checked in the Recon directory, if you are sure that your PGP key is available for verification, do not hesitate to proceed with the steps described in this step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – go to the Support Tickets page (/support) to create an application for merchant status.

Screenshot from the customer support page on Bohemia Market

Click on the "Open Ticket" button to proceed to the next step.

Final Step 2 – fill out the ticket form according to our sample and complete the application process.

Screenshot from the customer support page on Bohemia Market

Subject – Merchant Bond Waiver For: YOUR USERNAME

Please complete the form below and sign it with the PGP public key currently linked to your profile (this must match your PGP public key as per used on platforms where you have previously been a merchant):

Message –

• How long have you been a merchant elsewhere?: The answer for example may be as follows: My verifiable term of work in such and such a market is such and such a time.

• Which platforms have you previously sold on?: The answer for example may be as follows: I have been trading on such and such markets and it can be verified by looking at my Recon profile.

• Have you read and fully agree to our requirements and rules?: The answer should be this: I have read the rules and fully agree with Bohemia's requirements regarding Merchants.

• Why should you be granted a bond waiver?: The answer for example may be as follows: I have many years of experience working on darknet markets, an impressive customer base that highly appreciates my products and is ready to switch to Bohemia Market to make deals with me.

• Any supporting information for your application?: What the answer to this question will be is up to each of you to decide.

Captcha – rewrite the characters that you see in the picture in this field, note that the characters can be both high case and low case, all this should be taken into account when rewriting them.

Click on the "Create Ticket" button to submit an application for merchant status.

Follow the status update of your ticket and answer additional questions from Bohemia if any are asked.

- The Bohemia Team

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