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Welcome to Bohemia Market!

The official website of Bohemia Market, this site was created by the Bohemia Team to provide Bohemia Market Links & Bohemia Market URLs and to publish our articles about Bohemia Market.

It is important to note that the content of this page is our first story about what we consider Bohemia Darknet Market, it includes a market overview a story about all its features and advantages, and in one part of the review we will reveal some plans for the future according to which Bohemia Market will develop.

If you are a refugee from AlphaBay Market, World Market, Dark0de Market, White House Market, Cannazon Market and Cannahome Market, benefits are provided for you in obtaining a merchant bond and promoting your listing, for former buyers in these markets, a significant plus in Bohemia Market will be that they will be able to find all vendors from whom they prefer to purchase products.

Spread information about this site among the Bohemia Community it can be a Merchant, a Buyer or Newcomers, here can find a lot of interesting things and answers to important questions, and our article publishes easy-to-understand step-by-step guides on how to do something on Bohemia Market each article is waiting for your attention.

⚠️ The content of this review is intended solely for educational purposes.

We have not verified the legality of merchants on the Bohemia Marketplace.

Any use of this information not for educational purposes may entail legal prosecution and financial losses, for which the author of this review is not responsible.

Basic information

Before you start reading this Bohemia Market review, check out the basic information about our market:

Bohemia Market
Launch Date
13th June 2021
Number of Listings
Active Vendors
Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Commission Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Bitcoin (6,01 USD), Monero (0,25 USD)
Merchant Bond
600 USD
2-Fa, Pin-Code, Login Phrase, Mnemonic Code, Auto-Logout
Standard, XMR Direct Payment, Multisig 2/3
Market Forum
Only SubDread

Alternative Market Links

Account Registration

The process of registering an account on Bohemia Market takes place in a step-by-step form, very rarely you will find it on other darknet markets, so we have created this section in which we want to reveal the registration process and form in all details and point out some nuances that will speed up the registration process for you and reduce the likelihood of making mistakes during this process.

The first stage of account registration is filling in the fields of the registration form, let's analyze each field in more detail and indicate what information should be indicated in each specific field:

Screenshot of the registration page on Bohemia Market

Username – here you need to enter your alias, taking into account that it will be visible to any other user and will be used as login.

In order to avoid the risk of being doxxed, do not specify aliases, names or nicknames that somehow directly or indirectly indicate your identity.

Password – enter the password in this field, taking into account our requirements for what the password should be in order for the system to approve it.

These are the password requirements in the Bohemia Market:

• Minimum 7 Alphanumeric Characters.

• Minimum 1 Uppercase Character.

• Minimum 1 Lowercase Character.

• Minimum 1 Numeric (0-9) Character.

Verify Password – enter the password you entered in the previous field here to check if there is a difference in the passwords you specified.

Security PIN – enter here a complex, in your opinion, for a brute force digital set of 6-10 digits, the specified set of digits will be needed to confirm important changes in the profile and place orders.

Confirm Security PIN – in this field, enter the PIN (a set of digits from 6 to 10) that you specified in the previous field to confirm this Security PIN.

Captcha – rewrite the characters that you see in the picture in this field, note that the characters can be both high case and low case, all this should be taken into account when rewriting them.

Having filled in all the fields of the registration form, we complete the first stage by clicking on the Register button.

In the second stage, you will not need to fill in the fields or perform actions aimed at solving the captcha, at this stage everything is very simple, you need to save your Secret Phrase, let's figure it out in more detail:

Screenshot of one of the stages of registration on Bohemia Market

What is your secret phrase?

Your secret phrase is essentially the recovery keys for your account. If you lose your password and are unable to access your account, this phrase will be the only means of recovery. Please write down the words in their exact order as shown below, and keep them safe! - This phrase gives you (and anybody else who may obtain it) full access to your account via the recovery process.

A secret phrase looks like a string of 12 words (usually unrelated to each other in meaning), this string must be copied and saved in any safe place for this, including your notepad in real life.

After saving the phrase confirm your action check the box next to the inscription: I have copied these words to a safe place.

Now we go to the third stage by clicking on the Continue button.

The third stage is limited to one action aimed at confirming that you have faithfully performed the actions provided for in the second stage.

Insert a 12-word string into the Your secret phrase field that you should have saved in a safe and accessible place for you.

Screenshot of one of the stages of registration on Bohemia Market

Proceed to the next stage by clicking on the Confirm Secret Phrase button.

The fourth stage of the registration process can be skipped by pressing the Skip button, but we will consider the case when a person does not want to skip this stage and perform the necessary actions to proceed to the next stage.

Screenshot of one of the stages of registration on Bohemia Market

At this stage, you will need to have a public pgp key, make sure that you have a pgp key controlled by you, if it is not there, create it using any GnuPGP certificate manager.

PGP Public Key – Insert your Public PGP Key into this field only if you are sure that you control this key and can use it for encryption/decryption and so on.

Click on the Add PGP Key button to proceed to the verification stage of the PGP key you specified.

The Verify PGP Key stage is necessary for the system to be sure that you control the PGP key you specified in order to avoid situations in which the user tries to use a third-party PGP key.

Screenshot of one of the stages of registration on Bohemia Market

First of all, decrypt the message on the page to link your PGP key to your account and get ready to fill in the Authorization Code input field.

Authorization Code – place here the contents of the message you decrypted, this content is a string of letters and numbers arranged in a chaotic sequence.

You can finish this step by clicking on the Verify PGP key button.

So, we have come to the final stage of registering an account on Bohemia Market.

This final stage will not cause you any difficulties, rather it will interest you a little more than the previous ones, in it you specify the currency in which the prices of goods will be displayed, your own entry phrase, you will find out what it is a little later, and also provided that you have added PGP-the key for your account is to enable 2-FA.

Screenshot of the completion of the registration process on Bohemia Market

Default Currency – leave this field untouched if you are satisfied with the default currency for displaying product prices, if you want to choose another currency, try to find it in the list of currencies and click on it.

Enable 2-Factor Authentication – if you added a PGP key at one of the previous stages, and did not miss this stage, you will be able to use the 2-FA authentication feature right during the account registration process, to do this, click the switch so that it changes its indicator to blue, this will indicate that you have activated 2-factor authentication for your account records.

Login Phrase – in this field, you must enter a random login phrase that will be displayed on the Bohemia homepage every time you log in to your account.

Finally, you can now complete the registration in one click on the Finalize Registration button, after which you will be logged into the account you just created.

For some of you, such a registration process may seem too long and in some sense unjustified, we can agree with you, but at the same time we do not want to change the usual course of things for us, besides knowing that many users find their advantages and convenience in this registration process, in particular, in in any case, everyone will appreciate it in their own way, and we are tolerant of any criticism.

- The Bohemia Team

Search Engines

We did not just use the plural of the word "engines" in the title of this section, because at first glance our search engine may seem suitable only for searching listings with many filters set aside for the convenience of this, but it is not limited to this, thanks to our search engine you can search for merchants and this is a great need, at a time when a large number of markets are leaving and you do not know where else there may be a merchant with whom you prefer to conduct transactions, thanks to our search engine, you can try your luck and try to find it on Bohemia Market.

How about finding out about the capabilities of this search engine?

I suppose you are interested to know about its filtering capabilities, well, here are all the search filters and comments on them:

Screenshot of the search bar on Bohemia Market

Search by Keyword / Merchant Name – the specified word/set of words in this field will be used to indicate that the content being searched must match the specified word or set of words, so be reasonable about which keywords you use or how correctly you spell the merchant alias in order to achieve the most productive search results.

Sort by – the filter will allow you to sort the listings search results by such types as: Highest to lowest price, Lowest to highest price, Oldest to newest, Newest to oldest and Highest rated.

Price range – filtering search results by a valuable range of searchable listings (from the minimum price to the maximum).

Ships from – allows you to select the location from which the listings are delivered (physical only).

Ships to – indicates the location to which the product is delivered, the search results will show you the products that can be delivered to the location you specified (countries, continents).

Autoship – the filter is applied only to digital type products to display products with automatic delivery function.

Accepted Currencies – sort the products by the selected cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Monero) available for payment.

Product Type – sorting by product type, the filter is useless if you use another filter to specify the category by which the search will be performed, since this usually implies that a particular category contains only products of one type and most likely if you select a type of product that obviously has no reason to be part of the content of this category, your searches will be useless.

Our search engine may seem shortened for someone due to the absence of some filters, but we believe that those filters that are available now are more than enough to send the most accurate search query and quickly find what you are looking for, but if there is a need to add new filters, for example due to a massive request from our users, we we will do this immediately, but in the meantime, everything remains as it is.

- The Bohemia Team

Make a Deposit

Bohemia Market allows you to make deposits only in cryptocurrency due to the need to preserve the anonymity of the Bohemia financial system and users involved in the circulation of illegally obtained funds.

Only two cryptocurrencies are available for deposit, let's list each of them and explain why this particular cryptocurrency was chosen:

Screenshot of the deposit page on Bohemia Market

Bitcoin (BTC) – this is the first and most famous cryptocurrency. It allows peer-to-peer exchange of values in a digital environment through the use of a decentralized protocol, cryptography and a mechanism to achieve global consensus on the state of the public registry of blockchain transactions.

Bitcoin is often called anonymous because it is possible to send and receive bitcoins without providing any personally identifying information.

Monero (XMR) – is a leading cryptocurrency with a focus on private and censorship-resistant transactions.

Since every transaction is private, Monero cannot be tracked. This makes it a real interchangeable currency. merchants and individuals accepting Monero do not need to worry about blacklisted or corrupted coins.

We do not impose any restrictions on the deposit of funds, you can try to deposit any amount and it will be accepted by our financial system and as a result will be displayed on the balance of your market wallet.

For an incoming transaction, our system requests only 1 confirmation, which means that if everything is stable in the blockchain network, then your money will be credited to your balance very quickly, even if you have not chosen the largest miner commission.

You can always withdraw money from your balance, but we will talk about this process in the next section, and if you are interested, please continue reading section by section sequentially and you will be savvy in everything related to Bohemia Market.

- The Bohemia Team

P2P Exchange

If you are honest with yourself, then you recognize the fact that such a function as P2P exchange could not be found in any current market or in any market of the past, we are the first who decided to encode such a function for the darknet market, and who, if not we will tell you more about this function all of them.

P2P Exchange – is a direct trade of users with each other without the participation of the exchange as an intermediary. When working on a traditional crypto exchange, the platform organizes the transaction on behalf of the client, and the market price determines the final value of the asset at the time of the transaction. P2P trading involves conducting a transaction directly between users on their chosen terms.

On Bohemia Market, the process of trading cryptocurrency takes place in the "Exchange" section reserved for this, on it you can open a deal in the same way as it happens on the most popular exchanges, only in a more simplified format for this you just need to do:

Screenshot of the p2p exchange page on Bohemia Market

The first step is to choose an exchange option that implies its own form for opening trades, you can choose an option from the two presented - BTC to XMR or XMR to BTC.

The second step will be to fill in the Amount field with the amount you want to sell, as soon as the amount is indicated, click on Open Trade and watch your trade in the list of all offers.

If you do not want to act as a trader, but want to become his client, then pay attention to the Open Trades section where you can see a list of all offers available for trade. If you have found a suitable offer for you, click on the Trade button opposite this offer.

Screenshot of the list of offers from traders on the p2p exchange page

In one click, it will only be possible to start a Trade exchange can only be completed with the approval of a trader, so this process may take some time, but under what conditions does P2P exchange work, you ask, the answer to this question is very simple:

Roughly speaking, as a trading platform, we charge only 1% of the exchanged amount for each trade, so you probably won't lose much if your amount is not so large that 1% is a big commission for you.

In the end, we can only state that P2P exchanger is actively used and we did not lose in order to add it as one of the functions of our darknet market and were certainly the first in this.

- The Bohemia Team

Buying a Product

One of the parts of our philosophy is simplicity and minimalism in relation to the process of buying products on Bohemia Market.

Let's all look at the ordering process together and in this case we will be able to make more clearly that we consistently follow one of our principles of our philosophy:

First we need to select the product for which we will place an order, let's say that we have selected some kind of product, for example, of a physical type.

On the product page, we can view its images, if they have been added, read the product name and information about the number of its sales, its overall rating, the number of disputes related to this product, and information about which payment methods are available:

Screenshot of basic product information on Bohemia Market

Finalize Early – Yes or No.

2/3 BTC Multi-Sig – Yes or No.

XMR Direct Payment – Yes or No.

Escrow Payments Accepted –BTC/XMR or all.

Just below you can see the feedbacks which are divided into 3 ratings:

Quality – 0.0 to 5.0 stars.

Delivery – 0.0 to 5.0 stars.

Communication – 0.0 to 5.0 stars.

Screenshot of the block for displaying the product rating

Based on each of these ratings, the total score assigned to this product is calculated, so do not neglect reading reviews and studying which part of the rating was rated better and which was worse. To view all the feedbacks, click on the Read All Reviews button.

Screenshot of the block for displaying the product description

At the very end there are blocks related to the Product Description and Sales Policy that will require you to personally familiarize and study, it will not be appropriate to give any advice here, it all depends on what you are looking for and what conditions you agree to.

On the right side of the page there are no less important blocks and information, let's start with the topmost showing the price of the product in fiat currency and converted to Bitcoin and Monero below we are shown basic information about the merchant selling this product, we are talking about his avatar, the percentage equivalent of reviews about his products and the number of his sales on the market. Using the Add to favorites button, you can add it to the list of your favorites merchants and easily find it if you really like its production.

Screenshot of the block for displaying the product price and basic information about the merchant

You can view the history of reviews about him and his products in all markets, including the markets of the past, in his Recon profile by clicking on the View Recon Feedback button.

Just below is a block with additional information about the product:

Screenshot of the block to display brief information about the availability of the product and its delivery

Available Stock – Any number or Unlimited.

Autoship – Yes or No.

Ships From – Any Country or Worldwide.

Ships To – Any Country or Worldwide.

Below is the first form to fill out, in which we must select or specify:

Screenshot of the block for adding an item to the cart

Shipping type – any desired type from the list of available ones.

Currency – Bitcoin or Monero.

Quantity – this should be the number available in stock, but if unlimited is specified there, you can specify any number.

In order to proceed to the main stage of ordering, click on the Add to cart button and then go to your cart.

On the page of your shopping cart, you can change the payment method, delivery type, etc. in relation to your pre-order, but we do not need this, so pay attention to the right side of the screen, where there is a block with information about the order price.

Screenshot of the block to proceed to order confirmation

P.S: If you have a discount coupon, activate it by entering it in the Enter Coupon field and clicking the Apply button.

To proceed to the final stage of ordering, click on the green button Proceed to Shipping Notes.

After clicking, the system will not redirect us to a third-party page, it simply changes the cart page, showing you the input field under your order with a request to specify the address to which the ordered products should be delivered.

Screenshot of the buyer's shopping cart page on Bohemia Market

If you prefer to encrypt such information with a PGP key and want to do the same in this case, for convenience, we have added the View Merchant's PGP Key button.

Once the required field is filled in, click on the Checkout with (Bitcoin/Monero) button located in the right corner of the screen.

Screenshot of the block for payment of goods in the shopping cart

That's all, your order has been placed a couple of simple steps and you are already waiting for the delivery of your order, we believe that we have justified our statement issued at the beginning of this section, but what do you think?

Come to Bohemia Market to place orders and you will be able to answer this question and will not go unnoticed from our side, we will always be glad to receive your feedback.

- The Bohemia Team


We have come to the end of a long conversation about the most expensive project for us, part of the final words will be insider information, disclosure of our philosophy, plans for the future and everything that you will find in this:

At the stage of development of Bohemia Market, we thought for a very long time about what color scheme to choose in css, in what colors we wanted to see our market and eventually fixed our eyes on the heavenly palette of colors, Bohemia became a market on the cloud - a heavenly market outwardly - but mundane in fact, the desire to be heavenly market actually, not to hide behind the appearance, but really to be it forced us to go through the most severe difficulties and adversities and come out victorious, win the recognition of the community and justify our main slogan – with Bohemia, the future and innovation!

Our plans for the future are quite grandiose, first of all, it is the development of our ecosystem, the expansion of services, the addition of new functions such as: Auto-Shop, CVV checker, Automatic addition of listings and some others that need to be kept silent.

One of the goals is also to expand Bohemia in Telegram by creating a system of stores - only on a small scale, in order to understand whether we really need it so much or whether we should abandon this idea.

At the moment, work is also underway to invite more and more merchants in order to become the largest darknet markets in history - isn't it really grandiose?

We can continue to tell you about our dreams, but this is of little use, you need to understand the essence, Bohemia market has been around for a long time and is striving higher and higher, and until the peak of its popularity and development reaches its limits, Bohemia Market will always be online and strives for its maximum!

Stay true to us and you won't regret it for a second.

We are always there - we are going into the future together dear friends!

- The Bohemia Team